My journey through Vampire vs. Werewolf

First thing is I’m thinking of calling it Vampires vs. Werewolves (plural)

The idea I have is broader than just one vampire fighting one werewolf.

I’m on the fifth chapter as of today.  I try to take my negative critiques from fans into consideration.  I am going to reward the reader and they will find out in the 1st paragraph who Lena chooses.  After going onto three different directions.  One is I’m going to connect the dots of why Josiah is the Chosen.  The second two directions are more of a secret. I will say this, one of them has Josiah going south of the border.

Today I will write a chapter that has Atticai talking with Josiah.  All i can say is Atticai is a big jerk and Josiah is a little fed up.


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