What should my next series be?

I have been thinking about another series that has zero to do with the characters in vampire Love story. I have a lot of ideas and just wanted to throw some at you guys and see what you think.

Vampire World- Flip the story. It would be told from a female character where she is a mysterious human living in a vampire world.

Vampire Hitman- I see this being Californication meets the vampire genre. Β The main character would be a good hit man where he only gets rid of really bad people. It would focus around his single life and he will be dealing with raising two teenagers part time.

Family Saga- Not a vampire book at all. A real story about a family that has a lot of issues. It would tackle all subjects: sexuality, religion, politics, adultery, parenting, etc.

I’m curious to which of these stories you might want to see next.

Hache Te Noche


7 comments on “What should my next series be?

  1. All of them sound intriguing but, please, whatever you decide, hire a proofreader! I loved all the books but the ‘mistakes’ are distracting. Personally, I would be very happy if you didn’t find it necessary to drop the ‘f bomb’ so much, but that’s just me. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to the new book!

  2. I think all of the ideas sound great. You are an awesome author so I think any story you write will be a good one. If you write a family saga I would make it to where people can actually relate to it. I would be able to come up with a lot of ideas for that kind of series. Can’t wait until the next book.

  3. oh vampire hitman for certain HT! I love assassin stories. especially if you build up their backstory about how they became an assassin. I chat frequently with a lot of ladies on GoodReads website and a great many of us do love the strong males that make us swoon…

    whatever you write luv, i’ll be sure to read!

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