Spoiler alert #2 The Twins!!!!!!!!!!!! Lena’s pregnant???

How did you guys feel about this twist.  I have an amazing idea of where the series is going to go with the twin boys.  It will be the next five books of the series.  My goal is to get all five books out in 2012.  I already know their names. It’snot a secret. The two boys are Jason (mean healer) and Joshua (another name for Christ)


What were your feelings on the Deity?


Were you shocked when Lena said she was pregnant?


I’m curious about your thoughts.


4 comments on “Spoiler alert #2 The Twins!!!!!!!!!!!! Lena’s pregnant???

  1. OMG sooooo shocked she was pregnant best surprise EVER!!! I was like lena I didn’t think it could happen then the big shocker human/vampire love it I cried when the deity said one of the boys will die even though it hasn’t happened I was devo but I understand why I can’t wait to read about the twins more GREAT stuff H T x

  2. Yes I was shocked!!! There are a lot of things in this book that were total shockers!! I love that!!! Its a bummer when I can guess whats going to happen. I don’t think that happened in this whole book. I like the Deity. What I like best about her, is she is humble, and doesn’t think of herself as being any better than anyone else. (Christlike) =) I truly enjoyed this book!

  3. I liked the deity, she was humble and sweet. I liked that she was pretty.. Someone had commented earlier about Lena getting pregnant so I thought you might do that. I was shocked that it was twins!!!!!!

    The romance between Lena and Josiah is very touching. He is very protective and kind to her. Josiah is a very kind, character. I love that he saved that woman and flew her back to her family. Great humor in the book as well. Some things were quite funny…

    Can’t praise you enough. this book was awesome and I loved it!!!!!

  4. I was shocked regarding the pregnancy and twins so nice twist. Deity was OK, but a little bummed they didn’t mention something about why she allowed Romero to be who he become. After all she raised him and he turned out to be some kind of monster. If she was so great why didn’t she stop him and it seemed he was getting information from her because somehow he knew Lena was pregnant. But I love the books and the entire serious, great everything and I can’t put them down. I’ve read them twice already and can’t wait for the One Love so hurry hurry hurry. I need to read more.

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