Spoiler alert #3 The Seven Deadly Sins fight!!!!

This section of the book took me the longest to write. There was rhythm to the fights that I needed to respect. I knew I couldn’t hit you over the head with them. That is why the last three fights Josiah doesn’t watch Tommy kill the fighters.  I did that mainly for the audience. this is a love story after all. Believe it or not I took out a lot more gore to appeal to a more female friendly audience.   The fights exhausted me to write.

I want to know is….


1. Were they over the top?


2. Could you feel what Tommy was going through?


3. How bad did you hate Romero?


4. Did Tommy vindicate himself?


4 comments on “Spoiler alert #3 The Seven Deadly Sins fight!!!!

  1. The fight scene was really good so much action I didnt know what would happen next poor tommy my god he’s got huge heart is why I love him needs a great girl hehe I hated romero soooooo much wanted him to die soooo much lol the way he begged for his life I was like too late now haha couldn’t believe he was around the diety she was sooo good and he was sooo evil and tommy more than made it up to josiah by killing all those fighters to save lena he really loves both lena and josiah LOVE IT H T X

  2. 1. I think you did a good job with the fights, and didn’t think them even close to over the top.
    2. I felt really bad for what he was being made to do, although I was glad that he did what he needed to be done.
    3. I was looking forward to Romero’s death trom the time we found out that he owned that awful parlor. I believe he met the perfect end.
    4. Tommy stepped up like he always has. Leaving Jo with no other option then to forgive him. How could he not forgive knowing what he did in order to protect Lena?

    You did such a great job on this HT, I am really looking forward to the next one. Can’t wait to see who Tommy ends up with.

  3. The fight scenes seemed intense, but well written. You really had me feeling for Tommy and what he was going through and made to do to save Lena. Romero’s death couldn’t come soon enough, I wanted to climb in my Kindle and wring his neck myself.
    I was glad Tommy and Josiah were brother’s again int he end. He definitely vindicated himself in the end doing what had to be done to save Lena and Lena and Josiah’s unborn babies.
    I loved it and as I said before, this is your best one yet, HT!!

  4. Fight scenes were awesome and intense!! Not to bloody which was good. Yes, I could feel what Tommy was going through. Lost the girl and his friend. Had to kill people to save Lena.. Yes, I hated Romero, very evil and greedy man!!!! Excellent job with that character. Yes, Tommy did vindicate himself. He saved Lena and the babies lives, plus had the strength to get her out of there and to safety when he could barely stand. So glad this had a happy ending!!!

    This book was one of the best in the series. I loved the first one as well. Great job H. T. : )

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