Spoiler discussion #1 Are you glad Lena and Josiah are finally together?

I jerked around with a couple of ideas and one of you said it best when they said Tommy deserves someone better than Lena. I totally agree with that statement, Lena is perfect for Josiah, but not for tommy. She is obviously sexually attracted to tommy and that’s as fas as it goes. Josiah has her heart. I debated the idea of Lena ending up with either of the three but couldn’t quite be comfortable in the whole story arc if Lena didn’t choose Josiah. Otherwise book #1 was just a waste of time…lol.

I would like to hear from those of you have read it. What were your feelings about Lena initially choosing Tommy.

I am also curious if it made sense to the reader why she chose to go to Tommy.

Were you happy when her and Josiah finally threw caution tot he wind and just committed themselves to one another?


I’m curious what you guys think and I’m dying to read your thoughts!


Hache te Noche




3 comments on “Spoiler discussion #1 Are you glad Lena and Josiah are finally together?

  1. Ok first off i’m sooooo happy lena and jo got together I cried when she walked towards tommy I knew y she did it and I understand but was still upset for jo who was humiliated in front of all the other vampires I knew she wouldn’t chose atticai that was not an option whatsoever lol I hope haha but was still sure jo and lena would be together hence always and forever and I know you will find someone really special for tommy I have read this book twice already I love it so much hehe xxx

  2. (Spoiler 1)
    I totally get why she walked to Tommy, She has a big heart and she did what she thought was fair at the moment. I am really glad that she and Jo worked things out though. Great job so far. I was up till 2am this morning reading. I had to make myself go to sleep so I could get my little one up for school.

  3. It made perfect sense why she went up to Tommy, he was alone and needed someone, At the time of reading it I didn’t realize that till later. I wasn’t sure who she really loved.. Remember women can be fickle..I was very happy that Lena and Josiah got together. Very sweet love story…

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