Vampire Love Story Order of Books by H.T. Night

I have gotten a lot of passionate posts about the series and I’m sorry if the series is confusing. I can only write as fast as I can. Let me explain what happened in writing this series so you might understand why the order is so bizarre.

I wrote Vampire Love story first. I wrote this novel Nov. 2010. After it came out I noticed from talking to fans of the series that Tommy had  a huge following. 

I wrote Werewolf Whisperer second. I finished that book in March 2011. 

That was when i decided to write a Tommy prequel and call it Werewolf Love Story. I finished Werewolf Love Story May 2011 and published it.

I wrote the third book Forever and Always simultaneously with Werewolf Love Story and published it June 2011.

The next four months I worked on Vampire vs. Werewolves along with other books. I published Vampires vs. werewolves in Oct. 2011.

So this is where we are at now and there is a weird timeline and I apologize.

1. Werewolf Love Story- takes place in 2005-2006

2. Vampire Love Story through Vampires vs. Werewolves takes place from 2010 through present day.


I have some pretty upset readers that started the story and have no idea what happened in the five years between Werewolf Love story and Vampire Love story.

So this is the plan.

I’m writing a episodic novel  series called Entwined. It will be a series of shorter books that will eventually catch Tommy’s perspective to the present day. I need to write them like this because trying to write a giant novel is overwhelming to think about. By breaking it up I can follow a clearer way of telling Tommy’s story. 

I am currently working on One Love Vampire Love Story #5. One Love will conclude Josiah’s adventure in the Vampire Love story Series.

I am also working Entwined Episode One. It will follow Tommy right after Werewolf Love story.  

My plan is to write an episode every six weeks until or sooner until Tommy’s story is caught up.

After that, my next series will be Eighteen years later. It will be called Vampire Love Story the next saga told from Joshua Reign and Jason Reign. It will be 3-5 book series in its own right.


I will also be writing a series called Vampire Superhero. It will be an episodic series with Josiah in the years in between One Love and Vampire Love story the next saga.

So here is the timeline

Tommy’s perspective.

1. Werewolf Love story 2005-2006

2. Entwined episodic series.(10 episodic book series)  2006-2012- Tommy’s perspective


Josiah’s perspective

1. Vampire Love Story- 2010

2. The Werewolf Whisperer- 2010-2011

3. Forever and Always – 2011

4. Vampires vs, Werewolves 2011- 2012

5. One Love 2012


6. Vampire superhero Episodic series (10 book series) 2012- 2030


Jason and Joshua perspective

1. Vampire Love Story Next Saga  (5 novels)




29 comments on “Vampire Love Story Order of Books by H.T. Night

  1. I was very confused when I read the Vampire Love Story, I was waiting patiently for One Love. Then I read Werewolfe Love Story covering Tommy’s story,(loved that too) but couldn’t find Entwined. After your explaination, I’ll waited and read Dinner and a Movie in the interim. Hurry, Hurry Love the way you write.

  2. Thanks for such a great series and characters. I’m excited that we have the chance to follow the series in such dept. I love Tommy’s story and development and can’t wait to read on. I sometimes get frustrated with Josiah’s character with regards to his self obsession with being the chosen one, but the great story line balances things out. I’m looking forward to the next installments and hope everything ties in. Seems like a lot, but I will be reading along through the journey!! (you will never be able to please all of your readers, but just as long as you stay true to the characters we have grown to love (as you have) it is sure to be a success – and not a flop like other series I won’t mention). Thanks again for such a great story. Truly enjoyable.

  3. When will one love be published exactly? I wanna set reminders on my kindle fire so I can get it immediately as well as the other stories to come with this series. Love the books keep up the great work. By far I think this tops twilight saga in my eyes

  4. I love the series so far! Was a little confused on the order of the books but now I am completely stoked to read the other ones 🙂 the books are amazing.. they have won my heart over! Love that your going in depth on the characters and letting us see both Tommy and josiah’s stories in detail. You definitely have me as a far till the very end! Keep up the awesome work!! 🙂

  5. I am trying to find book 2 of entwined series on kindle. Have read prequel and purchased the rise of kyro but can’t find next one. Please can u tell me if next one is out yet

  6. I’ve read the Box Set of the Vampire Love stories and found it was a quick and easy read. I’m now on the Box Set of the Werewolf Love Story and have been very interested to read it from Tommy’s point of view and to know the beginning of Kyro. It was confusing to see the books jump backwards but after reading your explanation above I understand and am excited to read further. I was searching my Kindle for a mystery writer and stumbled across you and have been glad I’ve done so!

  7. I have just started reading your books actually kindle ones…what can I say ….its amazing story. I have never read a book since I was at school.. I have been trying to find the books but they only comes in kindle..Do you do books?

  8. Sorry but can someone please explain something to me as I’m slightly confused, I have the 8 part book which finishes at “the rise of kyro” but then it says at the end of this that the next book is ” werewolf love story part 4 loving maya” but I can’t seem to find this book for sale anywhere?? Can anyone help pls?? Is this book actually out yet? Cheers

  9. I just got done with the first one and ilike how In the end the one they thought was the chosen one was the evil. Also the chosen one is in love with 2 girls. I wonder which one he picks

  10. I am on Book #4 Vampires vs Werewolves and I am absolutely in love with the characters in this story and the ones before. I was wondering if the author was going in the direction of a movie production, because I can see in my mind’s eye that this will be epic I think.

  11. I bought your 8 book box set from Kindle and read the first 5 books in 2 days….. (total insomniac….lol) and absolutely fell in love with all the characters. I got to the 6th book in the box set and was totally confused because the characters were NOT the same then I realized that it was a different series, much to my dismay (at first) then delight, I found the continued story line of Josiah and Tommy…( I’m dyeing to find out who Lena went to.) I will be purchasing the rest of the series’ and awaiting the continued story. thank you for sharing you talent with me, I”m enjoying every story….

  12. I have just finished book 7 in the A Vampire Story series, ” Sons of Josiah” Now I see that there is a book 8, ‘Love Conquers All”. If I had known, I would have waited until all the books were released. I don’t like waiting for the next book to be released, leaving me hanging for a while. There is no mention as to when this book will be released. I have become very engrossed in reading each book with anticipation of the next one. I don’t want this series to end. The only complaint I have is that it becomes confusing in parts when some thoughts get jumbled. In the first couple of books the Diety is 4000 years old. Then she is suddenly only 2000 years old when Josiah takes the boys to visit her. Also, there are many, many sentences where words are either missing or the wrong words are used such as “were” is used when it should be “we’re”. There are times when words are repeated as well, making it difficult to read smoothly. Aside from that, I really enjoy the fantastic story line…and a really different kind of Vampire idea. Would definitely look forward to reading Joshua and Jason’s story line…the next Saga, but you say it won’t be out for 18 years…sorry, but I don’t think I will be around for that long. I am now 71 yrs old and, if by some miracle I am still alive by then, I probably won’t be able to see, or hear .
    While I am waiting for Book 8 to be released, I will begin Tommy’s story. I so love this character! Would really love to see him find his Mate, and settle down.
    Also, can you tell me when Book 2 will be released in the Heart of a Witch series? Another fantastic story line here with a different slant on Witches. I am so glad I stumbled upon this first book that brought me read more of your books. You are a fantastic author…but you now need to get a fantastic editor. I can’t begin to tell you how confusing it gets in A Witch to 1 with your mornings and nights and times mixed up. But….still LOVED the story.

  13. Would also love to read more about Aticai…really thought he would show up for Josiah when Jason was kidnapped and….why wasn’t Jason asked to heal his wife?

    • Donya did not want to be healed. She wanted to die a natural death. I am still looking for Love Conquers All Book # 8 in the Vampire Loves Series.

  14. I just got done with The Vampire LoveStories. I need to know if one love is out and if there are any after that book… FABULOUS. THANK YOU FOR SOME SERIOUSLY EPIC BOOKS!

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