Romeo and Juliet: A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story (SPOILER THREAD)

This will be a Romeo and Juliet SPOILER thread. If you have NOT read ROMEO AND JULIET: A VAMPIRE AND WEREWOLF LOVE STORY, go check it out. If you love Vampire Love Story you will love this book too. It is told in same way. From a funny romantic leading character.

Please don’t read any further if you have not read Romeo and Juliet:A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story,because we will be discussing things in the book.


As you guys finish the book, come back to This thread and discuss with me what you thought OF IT. Also, here is where you can vote on if you want a sequel or not. I absolutely LOVED writing this book and fell in love THE STORY writing it. Once you read it, come on and discuss it with me.


10 comments on “Romeo and Juliet: A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story (SPOILER THREAD)

  1. I love ur books there so cool! I just finshed reading Romeo and Juliet it was awsome! yes Mr. Night
    u must make it into a series, I love how much fun and love u put in ur wrighting. I’am waiting for Vampire love story 6 Divine Blood. Also ur book on American Vampire awsome ! God gave u a gift
    so that is u can wright with passion and fun, so I can read ur awsome books!

    • I will be writing Juliet’s point of view very soon for Romeo and Juliet. It will go further in the story and not end where I had the story end in the first book.

  2. When is the next part of Romeo and Juliet’s story coming out? Can’t wait to read it i really loved the first part it was great.

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