The Authors Thoughts on “Loving Maya”

Hello everybody, it’s Alberto here. I sat down with H.T. Night (over a Monte Cristo and a California Reuben with zucchini sticks encase anyone cares, anyhoo…)  and asked him some questions regarding his new book “Loving Maya”, and a few other things as well. It went like this.

A: I know this month has been very busy. What was it like when you put your book up, after the final edit?

H.T.:  (He almost exhales aloud) Relief, mostly and excitement because this story is such a pivotal moment in Tommy and Josiah’s lives. I knew it was going to be hard write this, speaking on an emotional level, but it had to be done.

A: What is the one thing you want people to take away with them from “Loving Maya”?

H.T.:  That’s a hard question to answer without giving away too much. (he ponders) You should love someone everyday and let them know it.

A: What was the hardest part for you in writing this book?

H.T. :  When I had to write the inevitable. If you know the Vampire Love Story series, then you know what that is.

A: What was the easiest?

H.T. : By now, Josiah and Tommy are as real to me as any two fictional characters can be. Writing their dialogue is fun and usually flows pretty easily.

A: Is there anything you can tell the fans that haven’t read the book yet without giving away too much?

H.T. : I think I have already said too much.

A: What are you going to be doing for the holidays?

H.T. :  I will be working a lot.” Vampire Superheroes Trilogy”, two of the three are already finished they just need editing and the third one already has  work done.  Also, “The Son of Josiah.” and “Werewolf Without a Cause.”

A: So pretty much working all the way through?

H.T. : Of course, I am going to spend time with my friends and family and I love the holidays very much. But I’m well focused on the stories to come, too. Oh and I’m really looking forward to seeing “Les Miserables”, the movie. In my opinion it’s one of the best musicals of all time. I’ve seen the show about five times.

A: Most people probably don’t know this about you, but I happen to know your a movie savant. Do you have a favorite actor, and why?

H.T. :  Sean Penn, because he always gives a gritty performance and he’s passionate about what he does.

A: Well thanks, for the interview and lunch. (Ohh. what? You didn’t know you where paying?)

H.T. :  Sometimes you got to pay the cost to be the boss. (He says with a smile.)


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