I would like to come out of the gate saying, I have a new energy based on inspiration and desperation. I plan on making 2017 a resurgence of my writing. Over the next four weeks I will be publishing two HT Night Romances. The first book is a love story based on two high school seniors who find love where it always had been. The second book is Getting Yours the novel. Getting yours was a screenplay I had up on Amazon from 2011-2016. I decided to transform it into a novel. I added more depth and humor to what was already the funniest story I had ever written.

So, right out of the gate I will have two romance novels. Then, it will be back to Paranormal with my debut series, ‘Anthony Moon for Hire’. I have the full blessing of every word from my brother J. R. Rain. Twilight Runner is the name of the novel. It was a book I had ready to go in October, but my brother added so much more to Anthony Moon’s character that I have been rewriting the story to make it as accurate as I can with the full Rain blessing.

Then I will be knocking out books each month. Fourteen of them to be exact, in 2017. Check out the front page of my official website htnight.com. I have a full listing of books to come there.

Another amazing announcement, on a more personal level, author Piers Anthony read, mentioned and gave his opinion on my book Vampire Love Story. He posted it here http://hipiers.com/newsletter.html on his website. In celebration, I will be running Kindle Countdown deals on my entire Vampire Love Story series.

With so many exciting things happening be sure to follow all of my official pages!

Amazon Author page here: https://www.amazon.com/H.T.-Night/e/B007EG5OFY

Facebook Author page here: https://www.facebook.com/HT-Night-Author-168031533228697/

Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/HTNightBooks

Sign up for my newsletter here: https://htnight.com/newsletter/

My website blog: https://htnight.com/my-blog/

This is going to be a fun and exciting year!


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