Forever and Always (Book #3)

Forever and Always

Josiah heads for Europe to master his gifts. Along the way, he realizes that others just might know what he’s up to. He fights off enemies from all sides. Ultimately, Goshi, the blue gnome, trains Josiah and he returns back to the states.

When Josiah comes back to the states, things are not what they once were. He needs to fight for his love Lena, more than he ever has before. Two unsuspecting enemies surface and now Josiah needs to protect what his rightfully his.

2 comments on “Forever and Always (Book #3)

  1. I love your books but there has always been one thing that bothers me. I get the Kindle versions and there are so many punctuation and a few grammar and spelling mistakes. The punctuation mistakes are on almost every page. Is this just a Kindle formatting thing? I’ll help be your editor if you want πŸ™‚

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