Winning Sarah’s Heart

Winning Sarah’s Heart

Cody has made it. He’s finally in the sixth grade and king of the world. Or, at least, king of his school. Cody has a lot going for him but has only one thing on his mind – winning the heart of the new girl in school, Sarah Davis.

But who knew that the sixth grade could be so much work? Almost immediately, Cody defends Sarah’s honor, plays his archrival, Eric Mullen, in the championship football game and still manages to somehow find time to be the lead in the school play.

And as he navigates through the treacherous waters of his final year at Wenchester Elementary – as he experiences his first love, his first kiss, a painful loss, and more fun and laughs and tears than he ever bargained for – Cody Greer will discover the true meaning of friendship and learn that life has a funny way of throwing you a few curveballs. Luckily, Cody Greer knows just how to keep his eye on the ball.

Acclaim for H.T. Night

“What a fun ride! Night displays an uncanny knack to capture the thoughts and language of youth. Winning Sarah’s Heart is heroic, funny, and most of all, real.”
―Summer Lee, author of Kindred Spirits and Shenanigans

“Winning Sarah’s Heart is pitch-perfect. More than anything, the author is a natural born storyteller. Think Nicholas Sparks meets Judy Blume. The story itself is inspiring and hilarious and will stay with you for some time to come. Night captures the thoughts and feelings of six-graders everywhere in a wonderfully touching and moving tale.”
―J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

“This is why I love reading! Hilarious, thought-provoking and poignant!”
―Elaine Babich, author Relatively Normal and You Never Called Me Princess

“Sweet and heart-warming…and just flat-out hilarious. I absolutely fell in love with Cody Greer – “The Notebook” for young adults!”
—Lani Bennett, author of False Dichotomy

39 comments on “Winning Sarah’s Heart

  1. When will book #9 of Winning Sarah’s Heart by completed? This is driving me crazy to finish a 8-book sage and there is no book nine. Hurry and get is book done. I’m waiting now for the Vampire Love Story “one love” and “Entwined”. Please get these books out as soon as possible. thx

  2. I love love love your books !! when is episode nine coming out ? It is driving me insane 🙂 . You are one of my fav Author!! please let us know asap thanks

  3. Thank you for your response… I got the first the books for my 12 year old daughter to read but ended up reading them all in a day. We both love the series and she is always asking if its here yet. Bonus, she is excited to read… Thank you very much!!

  4. can you make a box set again starting with episode 10? the wait for each book is too long its really hard and its easier with box sets

    • Episode 11 is actually called Book 6. Spring Love I changed the format to the cody Greer books to Novel form. I’m sorry its confusing. I will have a new novel out by beginning of summer.

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